Employment Opportunities

Position Opening: JROTC Instructor

Hickory Grove Christian School seeks a qualified individual to serve as a part-time instructor for its JROTC Program.  The position is a part-time 10-month position.  The JROTC Program is an approved unit of the JROTC Program of Christian Schools, a non-profit organization that partners with independent schools to educate students in citizenship, leadership, civics, geography, social and communication skills and physical fitness and wellness. 

Applicant Qualifications:

  • Officer, Warrant Officer, SNCO, NCO with at least 5 years active duty or a minimum of 4 years with disability benefits from Dept. of VA, Retired or Medically Retired
  • Committed relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Active member of a Bible-believing church
  • Status as either End of Active Military Service Personnel or Retired Military Personnel
  • At least one deployment of 6 months or more
  • Competitive military record
  • Physically qualified according to CJROTC standards
  • Pass intensive background check
  • Pass CJROTC Personal Appearance and Grooming Standards
  • Satisfactory performance on the ASVAB Test
  • High School diploma or GED

To apply, qualified candidates must submit:

  • Official CJROTC Instructor Application found here
  • Original or Copy of DD214-listing Honorable Discharged and or Medical Discharged
  • High School transcript

Selection Process:

  • Qualified applicants must participate in an interview with school administrators and the Christian JROTC program director.

Position Requirements:

  • Fulfill requirements of delivering the CJROTC program as specified in the DPD curriculum
  • Teach a daily block of instruction
  • Lead one weekly PT session immediately after school
  • Fully implement and lead all cadet activities required by the program as outlined here
  • Maintain a classroom environment conducive to learning
  • Commit to obtaining CJROTC program outcomes as outlined here, as well as the initiatives of Hickory Grove Christian School

See description of the JROTC Program of Christian Schools here.

Please email Dr. Mildred Similton, Administrator of Student Services for additional information.  To apply, email the completed application, resume, cover letter and personal testimony/statement of faith to Dr. Similton at mildredsimilton@hgchristian.org.

Early Education Center

The HGCS Early Education Center is seeking qualified teachers to join our family.

Preferred qualifications include:

  • NCDCDEE Lead Teacher qualified or willingness to work toward qualification.
  • Current NCDCDEE qualifying letter.
  • 1 year experience
  • Understanding of Early Childhood Developmental Domains and age appropriate activities.

Please send your resume and statement of faith to Lisa Smith, Early Education Center Administrator at