International Student Program

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International Student Program

Our school has been blessed with the opportunity to have students from completely different cultures share their lives with us, and we as a church and school have the awesome opportunity to see God’s grace and love at work among our student body because of this.

Host families

We are looking for families to host a student at the beginning of each new school year. Students will be involved in school/church activities while they receive an American education and exposure to a Christian worldview. Being a “Host Family” means you have the capacity and commitment to allow God to use your home as an incubator for the Gospel in an international student’s life.

Who can be involved?

The heart of our program is the families who host our students. Our host families come from the church congregation or families of our HGCS student body.

What does it take to be a host family?

We simply ask that host families provide a warm and nurturing environment to support these students. This would include meals, a private bedroom, transportation to school and activities and an invitation to know and love your family.

Success Stories & Family Testimonial

We have witnessed several of our international students come to know Christ and accept Him as their Lord and Savior. The others are hearing the Gospel in their Bible classes, with their friends, as they participate in school athletics, and in school and church activities.

“Being a part of the international program has been an amazing experience for our family. We have been afforded the opportunity to learn about a different culture and to share God’s Word with those who might not have heard it otherwise. Through this program we have made connections with students that will last a lifetime. Our international students will always be a part of our family.”

-Mike & Christine Beverage

How do I sign up or learn more?

If you would like further information about our International Student Program, contact Missy Smith, Director of International Students at or call the High School office at 704-531-4077.

Quick Facts for Host Families

  1. Provide Transportation to and from school.
  2. Open your home just as you are - no need to change your family lifestyle.
  3. Provide a bedroom/desk for your host student.
  4. School fees, medical insurance and extra-curricular activities are paid for by the host student.
  5. Provide nutritious meals each day (student lunch in the cafeteria already paid for in the tuition).
  6. The host student provides and pays for their own cell phone/data plan.

2019-20 International Student Tuition/Fees:

  • $30,000.00 Including Host Family fee
  • $19,000.00 No Host Family needed

Colleges and Universities: