Hickory Grove Christian School will be closed until april 19, 2020.  HGCS offices are closed to the general public, but office staff is monitoring all issues by phone and email.

The HGCS Online Learning Plan is currently in effect. 
Once logged in to facts parent portal,  Click on Announcements, then click on Parent Online Resources.




To all prospective families who have submitted an application to HGCS.  During this time of uncertainty and concern due to COVID-19, we have decided to postpone the Prospective Student Evaluation that was scheduled for Monday, May 4.  As soon as we have a clearer picture regarding being able to return to school, we will inform you of the rescheduled date and communicate with you not only by mail but by phone as well.  If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Director,  Molly Sutton, by email at  .

UPDATED 3-24-2020
Dear HGCS Families,
I would like to personally thank you for your hard work in keeping education moving forward for your families. The emails, texts, and words of encouragement that we have received from you have been positively overwhelming for the staff here at Hickory Grove. Our team has put in many extra hours to make this form of education, not merely a positive experience, but an advantageous one for our students in ways that we would never have imagined. 

Mecklenburg County issued a “shelter in place” order beginning on Thursday at 8:00 AM extending until midnight on April 16, 2020. During that time Hickory Grove Christian School will not be open to pick up supplies. 

With the governor’s most recent executive order, all public schools in the state will be closed until May 15, 2020. Even with this date, the ongoing picture for Hickory Grove Christian School is still not crystal clear. And, there may still be other executive orders and changes going forward, but to the best of our ability, we are probably on safe ground to assume that we will keep in place the following dates:

  • In keeping with the plans of nearly every other private school in and around Mecklenburg County, we will continue in an online format through April 9, 2020. 
  • We will keep April 10, 2020, as a holiday (Good Friday) and will keep Easter Break, which extends from April 13-19, 2020. 
  • The school will close on May 21, 2020.

A decision of whether to continue in the online format will be made during the week of our Easter Break. Then, if significant changes have not occurred at that time, it may be necessary to continue in the online format for a longer period.

Some decisions have not entirely been ironed out and probably will not become apparent until later. These include decisions regarding testing, prom, the musical, and graduation, to name a few. We will continue to follow government orders, and we do not want to make hasty decisions and commitments until we know our future status.

No timing is good for a situation such as this. Thankfully, we are in a much better place than many of our counterparts in the area. Our school year started earlier than most schools, thereby having us through a majority of our schedule when the pandemic occurred. Our Spring Break and planned dates for testing were still out ahead of us as well, which means most content would have been completed anyway. Couple these occurrences with a staff that has been preparing for online elements for several years put HGCS in an enviable position. These factors are why we have experienced the tremendous success that you have seen in the last week. As we move forward, we ask for your fervent prayers as we face, together, the days ahead. Further, you will certainly be in our prayers.

Jimmie Quesinberry, Jr., Ed.D.

UPDATED 3-20-2020
Good evening Parents,
We have made it through week one of online learning with what has been a hectic, unsettling, maybe even frightful week away from school because of the virus. What our parents (and grandparents) have been able to accomplish has been difficult, perhaps even feeling impossible, but the hardest week of our new normal is in the rear view mirror. 

Many of our parents are healthcare workers, and continue to sacrifice on the front lines in this battle that our entire world is facing; many parents hold jobs that require them to continue to try and keep things afloat, and then come home faced with trying to maintain some semblance of education for their children. There are commendations for you all, some spoken, but most efforts will probably slide by into the next week seemingly unseen by the outside world. But, the observant sees what you are doing; the observant sympathizes with you; our believing brothers and sisters pray for you, and are looking for ways to serve you in any way possible. 

In the first chapter of Joshua, the monumental task of leading an entire nation fell into the young hands of Joshua, the mere assistant who followed behind Moses in leading the Jewish nation out of their wanderings. I am sure that the emotions that he felt were “hectic, unsettling, maybe even frightful” as he faced the daunting tasks ahead. But God’s words rang true then, and they ring equally loud now, “Be strong and strong and very courageous...because the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” 

I will not pretend for a minute that we can give you normal, but we will continue to point you to the One who can settle our emotions and to the One who repeats over and over throughout scripture to “Fear not.” He is able...He IS able! We want to be there for you in any way that we can; keep fighting the good fight! Stay in the word, and prayerfully approach each day. We stand with you ready to serve!

Jimmie Quesinberry, Jr., Ed.D.

UPDATED 3-17-2020
Due to increasing public health concerns the Hickory Grove Christian School Early Education Center will be closed through March 27, 2020. Please continue to check here for more updates.

UPDATED 3-17-2020

UPDATED 3-14-2020
As of 4:30 on Saturday afternoon, the Governor of North Carolina instituted an executive order closing all public K-12 schools beginning Monday for at least two weeks. Although this mandate does not technically include private schools, it does include gatherings of 100 or more. As we have mentioned in previous emails, our staff has been preparing for this inevitability for quite some time. Hickory Grove Christian School will be closed from March 16-27, 2020.

The Early Education Center will operate as follows: Full-time Child Care will operate on a regular schedule to accommodate working parents. We will remain open as long as there is no closing order in accordance with operating regulations mandated by the NC Division of Child Development. Half-Day Preschool at both our Harris and Mallard Creek campuses will be closed. Half-day preschool staff will be scheduled to assist with childcare staffing if necessary.

Although we are already prepared to deliver lessons remotely, we plan on using Monday as a teacher workday to further enhance these lessons in anticipation of a full-scale roll-out on Tuesday morning. Parents will receive an email from their child’s teacher sometime on Monday in anticipation of the Tuesday roll-out. Also, students and parents will be able to come to the school on Monday to pick up student materials such as textbooks and Chromebooks. Teacher materials may not be ready until Tuesday. 

Our teachers who serve in the Student Center for Advancement (SCA) are prepared to continue assisting their students. This past week they began preparing students for how they will interact with them during a school closing. Dr. Similton and teachers who serve SCA will reach out directly to our SCA parents on Monday.

We realize this closure poses extreme hardships on many of our families -- with the education of your children being only one of the many. We want to alleviate at least one of your worries: we will work with you to the best of our abilities to help make sure that your child's education is continuous and not a source of angst for your family. To help you and your child, our staff will be available during this difficult time to answer questions via email and phone.

To help with this transition, we are sending out a Google Form for parents to voice possible educational challenges they might have with this new mode of instruction (i.e., WiFi, device availability, etc.). Please be patient with us as we delve into these uncharted waters. Education will look different, and we are doing all that we can to make sure that education quality is not compromised during this time. 

I realize that this school closure and the new mode of educational delivery will be a challenge for our families, teachers, and staff, but I believe that as we work together, we can and will be successful. Thank you in advance for your continued support.

UPDATED 3-13-2020 @ 4:30 PM
As many of you are aware, the situation with the Covid-19 virus has changed dramatically over the last several days. In many cases, the situation has seemed to change almost hourly. In previous emails, we have communicated to you general plans in the event of a school closure. We want to continue to keep you informed and assure you that there are many people working tirelessly to provide the very best response that we can provide during these times. We spent the early morning hours today praying for your children and your families. This can be an anxious time, but we are thankful that God has provided a firm anchor in Christ during this storm. 

As the situation currently stands, Hickory Grove Baptist Church and Hickory Grove Christian School will heed the recommendation of state and local authorities and the governor who is NOT currently recommending that schools close at this time, but even with that guidance, we will continue to monitor that situation from our own context. Our church will suspend all church programs and events on-campus until at least March 23. Hickory Grove Baptist Church will live-stream a worship service for at least the next two Sundays. I encourage you to connect to this service if at all possible. You can find information for the church below.

Obviously, there are areas that we may not have explored, but generally, we feel prepared to handle not only the education in the event of a school closure, but we feel prepared to continue to provide spiritual guidance in the form of devotions and prayer requests, college and career counseling, support for “disconnectedness,” encouragement in regards to physical activities, and numerous other school-day activities that are commonplace in a typical day if it becomes necessary to close.

We want students to feel as close to the school as they possibly can while spending their days at home. But, all of this requires a partnership between the school, church, and our families. With your consistent support for the possible new school process, I feel confident that our efforts will be rewarded with a seamless transition to the online environment.

When will we make a decision? Since the situation changes so quickly, we will put in place “triggers” to help us with that decision. These may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Decisions and guidance by the local and state health department and the Center for Disease Control
  • Decisions made by surrounding school systems (private and public)
  • Specific health concerns directly related to our school
  • Directives from the Governor of North Carolina or from the President and Federal Government

You can follow the latest updates for the school at the link below. In the event of a school closure, your family will be able to find directions for online instruction through your child’s Google Classroom site, Moodle, or through the “Parent Online Resources” in Renweb. We will make that information available to you just as soon as it is available to us. 

In closing, I am comforted that the Lord continually watches over us all, and it is my prayer that we will continue to draw closer to Him during this time. Throughout history, the church has shone the brightest when times were the toughest. A faithful response from Christians now will help others see why we continue to follow Him. 

Jimmie Quesinberry, Ed.D.

Per the decision made yesterday afternoon by the North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association, all games have been suspended indefinitely beginning Friday, March 13, 2020. This means that all games/meets/matches, both home and away, have been postponed until further notice, including those scheduled for this afternoon.

As a measure of precaution, our Athletic Department has decided to cancel all athletic practices and workouts for Friday, March 13, 2020. This will apply to both in-season and out-of-season sports. We will re-evaluate the status of our teams and their practices on Monday and communicate with parents regarding our plan moving forward.

UPDATED 3-11-2020
In conjunction with the many steps that the school and church are currently taking, and after seeking counsel and guidance concerning travel for our students, we have made the decision to stop all field trips indefinitely. North Carolina has declared a state of emergency and the World Health Organization recently declared the Covid-19 as “global pandemic.”  This decision does not currently affect sporting events or gatherings for school functions as the likelihood of spreading in these typically indoor venues is currently minimal and they do not currently use public transportation.

There are obvious repercussions for making this decision but in light of the inherent dangers with traveling and the possible risk of exposure for our students, we believe that the benefits of these trips outside the school do not outweigh the risk. These risks include but are not limited to liability issues when using commercial travel and the possible exposure in public places that may not be as vigilant as necessary to prevent the spread of the virus. We will continue to monitor the situation and alert you to changes to this policy as new information becomes available. 

Thank you in advance for your continued support and patience as we deal with this evolving situation.

Jimmie Quesinberry, Ed.D.