Host Families

Host Families

We are looking for families to host a student at the beginning of each new school year. Students will be involved in school/church activities while they receive an American education and exposure to a Christian worldview. Being a “Host Family” means you have the capacity and commitment to allow God to use your home as an incubator for the gospel in an international student’s life.

Quick Facts for Host Families
  1. Provide transportation to and from school.

  2. Open your home just as you are - no need to change your family lifestyle.

  3. A monthly stipend will be provided for extra household expenses incurred such as family functions, dinner out, utilities, internet, etc.

  4. Provide a bedroom/desk for your host student.

  5. School fees, medical insurance, and extra-curricular activities are paid for by the host student.

  6. Provide nutritious meals each day (student lunch in the cafeteria already paid for in the tuition).

  7. The host student provides and pays for their own cell phone/data plan.
FAQ for Host Families

How long does a host family host a student?
Students are hosted for an academic year (10 months) and return to their home country during summer break.

Are host families responsible for paying a visiting student's tuition or living expenses?
No. Visiting students are responsible for paying all school-related expenses, including: tuition, lunch costs, bus transportation costs, book fees, testing fees, athletic fees, field trip costs, personal items, etc. Host families are expected to provide breakfast, dinner, and a comfortable space to sleep along with internet and a desk. Host families receive a stipend to cover their expected expenses.

Do host families have to transport the visiting student to and from school each day?
Yes. You are responsible to get your student to and from school each day.

Can visiting international students drive a car while they are visiting?
No. Visiting students do not have permission to operate motor vehicles during their stay with a host family.