Tuition & Fees

  • 2020 - 2021 Tuition & Fees
  • Financial Policies
  • 2021 - 2022 Tuition & Fees


TK                  $8,500
K-5th            $9,000
6th-8th        $9,750
9th-12th     $10,750

HGBC Member

TK                  $7,400
K-5th            $7,850
6th-8th        $8,500
9th-12th     $9,350

Additional Tuition Discount

A 5% tuition (only) discount will be given to families paying all yearly charges in full prior to May 31, 2020. New students accepted between June 1- July 15 will also be eligible for a 5% tuition discount for paying all yearly charges in full. Payment must be received by the finance department within 2 weeks of acceptance.

Multi-Child Discount

Families with 3 or more enrolled students will receive a 10% tuition discount off the 3rd child, 4th child, etc. Discounts will apply to the youngest children in the family.

Optional Services

Charges for all optional services will be applied to the family’s payment plan.

Bus Transportation

From/to HGBC North Campus location, yearly charge—$500

Before/After School & Study Hall Fees

Before School ONLY Grades TK-12
$300 yearly

After School Grades TK - 5th
$2,000 yearly
$2,350 yearly (PLUS Adventure Days)

After School Grades 6-12 After School Study Hall
1 day per week = $250
2 days per week = $450
3 days per week = $650
4 days per week = $850
5 days per week = $1,050

Adventure Days Program (Childcare when school is not in session)

Childcare services are available for all HGCS students TK-5th grade when school is not in session, including Christmas Break, Spring Break, and teacher workdays. In order for activities to be planned, all students participating in Adventure Days will be required to sign up (1) week prior to each Adventure Day with the After School Program. There are approximately 20 Adventure Days between August 2020-May 2021.

Students not using our regular After School services may also attend the Adventure Day Program by contacting the After School Department (Brianna Bamberg,  , 704-531-4029), at least (1) week prior to the date of attendance. Payment due on the day services are rendered. Cost per day: $40.

For further assistance, please contact Victoria Henderson, Financial Department, at 704-566-7518.

*Member rate is based on Sunday School attendance and tithing criteria, established by the church.


Financial Policies

HGBC Members:

Hickory Grove Christian School is a ministry of Hickory Grove Baptist Church. Families who are active attending members of HGBC are eligible to receive the membership discount. If you become an active attending member during the school year, please notify the school finance office. If your membership changes and you are no longer attending HGBC, please notify the church office and the HGCS Finance office.

Senior Class Exit Process:

During the month of May, all seniors and their parents are encouraged to verify that all school accounts have been paid to date, including FACTS, lunch account, graduation fees, and athletic fees. Prior to graduation make sure that all library books and classroom textbooks have been returned. Seniors will not be permitted to participate in senior graduation activities/ceremonies until cleared by the finance department.


Each child is considered enrolled for the entire school year unless the admissions office receives your written withdrawal notice minimum of (2) weeks prior to withdrawal. Parents will also be asked to schedule an exit interview with the Head of School.

Student Withdrawals Due to Delinquent Payments:

If a student is withdrawn from HGCS due to financial delinquency; all grades, test scores, report cards, transcripts and cumulative records will be held until the account has been paid and cleared by the finance department.

Year- End Delinquencies:

If a delinquency occurs at year-end, the student will not be allowed to re-enroll for the following school year.

Student Records:

Student recommendations, records, transcripts, etc., will not be released during the year or at year end unless all financial accounts are current and cleared by the finance department.