Reopening Plan

Reopening Plans for the 2020-2021 School year

HGCS plans to open with face to face instruction for the 2020-21 school year. Our goal is to provide a traditional education process that is as normal as possible. We will continue face to face instruction for as long as it is reasonably safe to do so while also providing the option of remote learning for those families who are not yet comfortable with the face to face environment.

We believe that our plan to reopen balances the educational, social, and psychological needs with necessary health and safety measures.  Our plan is consistent with our values which reflect academic quality, spiritual development, innovation, flexibility, and biblical unity.

During the summer months, a dedicated team of administrators, school, and church staff members have been serving on our COVID Task Force.  This group of professionals has spent significant time and energy in preparing for various scenarios for the 2020-21 school year.

Parents, thank you for your patience and understanding while we have developed a comprehensive plan that is healthy, safe, and of high educational quality.  Below you will find the high-level details that provide some insight into our approach to reopening for the 2020-2021 school year.  Current families can view the entire Reopening Plan in your FACTS SIS family portal. Your input through conversations, survey responses, and encouragement has been essential in seeing our way forward.  We covet your prayers always. 

personal accountability

  • Parents must ensure they do not send a child to school if the child has COVID-19 symptoms or has had close contact with an individual who is lab-confirmed with COVID-19 until the 14-day incubation period has passed.

  • Training and processes will be in place for self -monitoring, self-reporting, and self-isolation.  All members of our school community are expected to cooperate with these processes.

  • We are all living in unprecedented times.  We ask our families to partner with us in an understanding way and with the awareness that we may have different views of how to proceed and adjust to the challenges the year will bring.
  • Health Protocols & Campus Disinfection
  • Remote Learning

Health Protocols

  • Parents will submit a health screening questionnaire prior to the start of each school day for their student(s).

  • Students will have their temperatures taken upon campus arrival. Those with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher or COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home to self-isolate, recover, and recuperate.

  • Staff and teachers are required to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before coming onto campus each day.

  • Specific procedures will be required for those returning to campus that have been exposed or possibly exposed to COVID-19.

  • Face coverings will be provided for EVERY student, faculty, and staff member.

  • Face coverings are required for faculty, staff, and all students (elementary, middle school, and high school). There will be times during the school day when students are permitted to remove their face coverings (e.g., when adequate social distancing is possible).  The needs of students and adults with medical needs that would make wearing a face covering a personal hardship will be considered seriously when presented to the administration.   
  • Students who develop COVID-19 symptoms during the day will be isolated until a parent arrives.

  • We will offer a health room space for wellness and student medication separate from sick care. 
  • There will be a new emphasis on hygiene. Faculty, staff, and students will be prompted to clean their hands throughout the day. Hand sanitizer will be located throughout the campus, and students and employees will clean hands multiple times throughout the day.
  • In our efforts to minimize possible transmission, on-campus visitors will be limited to those who are critical to school operations.  Upon arrival, visitors will have their temperature taken, complete screening questions, and most likely sign a waiver.  Face coverings are required.
  • Parents must use the carline for student arrival and dismissal.  Specific procedures for late arrivals and early dismissals will be communicated at each school level.

Campus Disinfection

  • The Budd Group has provided janitorial and maintenance services for HGCS for some time.  They have been in business for over 50 years and are a respected company that services schools, universities, athletic stadiums/coliseums, biomedical facilities, and commercial buildings to name a few.  Their expertise has been essential in our preparation.

  • As we begin our school year, The Budd Group will supply our school with a Disinfection Technician who will be responsible for the proactive disinfection of our campus to help prevent illness from COVID-19 and other viruses.

  • High touchpoint areas (door handles, desks, staircase rails, etc.) are scheduled for additional disinfecting throughout the day.

  • Electrostatic handheld foggers and sprayers will be used to provide regular hospital-grade disinfection of classrooms and common areas.
  • Custodial staff will conduct deep cleaning of the campus after dismissal.

  • We are continuing to monitor regulations/recommendations from the CDC, OSHA, and regulations/recommendations and our local health officials.

  • Additional signage will be in place promoting everyday protective measures.


Social Distancing

  • Arrival and dismissal will be modified to maintain social distancing.
    • First Day of School:  Students will start the school year on different days (over a 3-day period-Aug. 18-20) by grade level so that we are able to gradually increase the number of students on campus and fine-tune our arrival and dismissal procedures.

    • School day drop off times will be staggered until further notice.
  • Class sizes may be varied to maintain safety.

  • Locker usage will be modified to maintain safety.

  • Traffic patterns have been designed to limit students to essential buildings based on their grade level needs.

  • Campus signage will be used to encourage proper social distancing.

  • Lunch will be eaten in classrooms and outdoor spaces. Our cafeteria is working on a plan that may allow them to provide lunches to students who would like to purchase meals. Single-use containers and utensils would replace silverware and trays.

  • Meetings, events, assemblies, and performances will be adjusted and hosted in various formats.  For example, most students will participate in Chapel services by viewing a live-stream from their classrooms.
  • Athletics will follow North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association (NCISAA) guidelines and government and public health regulations.

remote learning

  • Parents are provided the flexibility to choose remote learning if that is best for their family.
  • Academic expectations for remote learning will be comparable to in-person learning.  Students participating remotely will have a combination of synchronous and asynchronous instructional delivery. Our goal is to provide an equitable experience for all students as they work to meet the same learning objectives and outcomes as face to face learners. 

  • Having an appropriate device and internet connection is required.

  • Middle and high school students who choose to learn remotely may participate in athletics and will follow all athletic procedures and health protocols required of students learning on campus.

  • Hybrid learning may be an option for exceptional cases only (e.g., medical necessity).

  • If community health conditions change and we are required to operate differently, we will activate our hybrid learning plans for all students and faculty.